Friday, January 30, 2009

BBC Refuses to Air Humanitarian Appeal for Palestine

A recent article discussed vociferous criticism of the BBC for "its decision not to broadcast a television appeal by aid agencies for victims of Israel's recent military actions in Gaza."

The article continued, "The decision has met with angry criticism from Church of England archbishops, editorial writers and senior British government ministers, as well as sit-ins at the BBC’s London headquarters and its broadcast center in Glasgow."

While, "the BBC was joined in its refusal to carry the appeal by Sky News, an independent broadcaster with a widely watched news channel. But three other broadcasters — the publicly owned Channel 4 and two private broadcasters, ITV and Channel 5 — accepted the appeal."

During this crisis, the BBC has sought to maintain an air of "objectivity." But how can the BBC maintain a stance of "objectivity" when it so plainly refuses to air even the most apolitical humanitarian appeals? Maybe we should take up the example of Mohamed El-Baradei, Nobel Peace Prize winner and current head of the UN's IAEA, and boycott the BBC. Check out the story about El-Baradei's boycott, as well as the actual humanitarian appeal, here.

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