Saturday, February 28, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Hampshire Admin threatens Re-Investment!

Note from Hampshire SJP on the administration bowing to pressure from Zionists to re-invest in companies doing business with Israel. The struggle is far from over, and they need our support!

Dear supporters,

After the initial response from the Administration which attempted to downplay and de-politicize the divestment move to the press, things have gotten worse.

Due to pressure from Alan Dershowitz and Abraham Foxman from the Anti-Defamation League, President of the college Ralph Hexter is caving in.

Dershowitz has made demands of Hexter, including he publicly discredit SJP. So far, Hexter has complied, as he is being bribed with a "large donation" to the college from Dershowtiz. Now, the Administration is threatening to re-invest in two of the companies we divested from: Terex and Motorola, to appease Dershowitz and others.

Sign this letter to Ralph Hexter, keep Hampshire College free of investments in the Israeli occupation!

Thanks for your support, keep the pressure on and the movement strong!


Hampshire SJP

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